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Headshot by Katherine V Hirschy Media



I'm a music therapist by day, and an RPG aficionado by night. I'm a born and raised Canadian, but I moved to Arizona with my family for school, and then moved up here to the Indianapolis area! I started playing DnD when I moved in with my husband in the summer of 2019, and since then I've been in multiple campaigns, played in a Star Wars RPG stream, and run an online gaming convention. And of course, started making dice!

I began making resin dice in February of 2020, and fell in love with the craft instantly. It's been not only a great creative outlet for me, but I've loved capturing moments and drawing inspiration from elements like popular media, spells and characters!

A Few of my Favorite Things

Hummingbird Dice is run by my twin sister, Jessica and she's based out of Toronto, Ontario. She makes visually stunning sets and is most well known for her fruit inclusions!

A fellow Hoosier and musician, Amy is an up-and-coming maker whose bold and bright dice have captured my heart! The love and care she puts into every single dice shows in her incredible and glitter-filled sets!

TeaTwenty Dice is also from the Indianapolis area and is run by all around sweetheart, Rei! Not only do they make incredible sets and singles, their chonk inclusions are always creative and beautiful! TeaTwenty is currently closed due to moving out of the country.

Emily is a HUGE inspiration and a wonderful friend of mine. Her sets are some of the prettiest I own, and she is constantly encouraging me to push the boundaries of my dice making!

Katie is a fellow Canadian whose sets are absolutely mind-blowing. Her florals and colors are always spot on, and she also happens to be one of the sweetest people I know

Cassie just opened up her site, and her sets went flying off the shelves! Her ink drop designs are some of the most incredible I've ever seen, and she also happens to be a Super Mom and sweet bean. TinyLights is currently on hiatus.

Diandra is a beautiful human inside and out, and she creates the most stunning dice inspired by mythology and literature. A fellow Canadian, she is based out of the beautiful Vancouver area.

Hannah might be a human crytpid, but her dice are truly delicate works of art. If you're not enraptured by her stunning sets, her hilarious names will pull you in for sure! be sure to snag a sticker or two of our queen, TJ!

Brooke is one of the most well-known makers I know, but she also has a heart of gold. Her success is well deserved--her creations are gorgeous! You can also find merch of her adorable cat, Sparta, on her site!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the dice weighted?

I, like all handmade dice makers, do my very best to create a balanced product for a fair game. Most of my inclusions and very light, and the only way to truly "weight" a die would be to put in something that's heavier than the resin. The only way for you to get truly "balanced" dice would be to get casino grade dice and toss them after a few uses. So handmade dice are just as balanced as any factory-made set!

Why are there marks on my dice?

Unfortunately, handmade products are rarely free from imperfections. Some of my dice may have mold lines I couldn't fix, a small surface bubble or scratches from sanding. However, all the dice in my shop are 100% rollable and I would never sell anything that I wouldn't be proud to have in my own collection!

Where did you get your molds?

My molds are handmade using silicone and custom resin-printed masters from Druid Dice and Arcana Cast. Because the logo and branding are mine, I will not be selling my molds.

Why are handmade dice way more expensive than factory dice?

When you buy resin dice, you're not only purchasing a product, you're paying for the love, time and effort went into designing, testing, creating and finishing the dice--often several hours of work. If you're interested, I made a TikTok about the cost breakdown!

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